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ProxyFly is a web proxy written in Python. It helping hundreds of thousands of people daily protecting their privacy and identity online and giving access to censored sites since 2010. ProxyFly is the most reliable and fastest free anonymous web proxy in internet

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ProxyFly-2.1.0 mainline version has been released.


ProxyFly-1.5.0 mainline version has been released.


18 May 2013 - ProxyFly 2.0 has been released

ProxyFly 2.0 web proxy has been released! Running on Nginx + uWSGI ! Now, Faster && More Stable!!


21 Jan 2010 - ProxyFly 1.0 has been released

ProxyFly 1.0 web proxy has been released! The best web proxy on GAE. Buy Now!

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