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Niconico made profitable gains in the second half of 2010, however we are only about halfway to realizing our "Niconico Commitments". Maintaining this profitable change will be of importance in the future as well. Please take a look at the full report to learn more.

Jan 1st 2010 niconico popularization committee

1 -- Niconico aims for a collection of knowledge not inorganic in nature but rather imbued with human emotion.

It is said that the essence of Web 2.0 is its collection of knowledge on a global scale through the medium of the internet. We aim to add human personality and feeling to that knowledge. Much of the collective knowledge on the internet today is like a mechanically created entity born out of individual human efforts. You could say that it's an historical accomplishment in the virtual world created by human intelligence and hard work just like real world historical monuments such as the Suez Canal or the Pyramids. However, just like in the real world, humans in the virtual world don't live only to create historical monuments, but rather to enjoy normal lives, replete with both moments of laughter and tears.
Our goal is to create a collective knowledge that projects an accurate, authentic image of humans living in such a virtual society. A form of knowledge imbued with human feeling and personality, changing and flowing just like life itself, and giving birth to something new. Our collective knowledge doesn't aim to converge towards truth, but rather live together with us, sharing our pains and worries, an endless source of knowledge partnering with human beings. We hope for a future internet society thriving on a collected intelligence with this kind of humanity and compassion at its heart.

2 -- Niconico aims to create a service in which users can comment on everything.

We do not aim for pure knowledge; we only extract knowledge from human experience. What we are collecting is not knowledge, but rather human feelings that we express when we are confronted with something. We have achieved a new level of communication that explains human life through the internet. We are not simply trying to collect user data. Data is only generated as a memory of human activity. Data is not saved to be analyzed or aggregated, but in order to be left behind like a photo album.
To achieve this, in order to express a basic level of human emotion, we chose the ability to add comments. Although the concept of adding comments within the context of might diversify and expand, we will continue to investigate how much of human life can be expressed via the internet.

3 -- Niconico aims to create an internet virtual world based on people.

The widespread public availability of the internet marked a new era of computer based communications bringing people together. We quickly learned that we can live just as authentically in the virtual world as we can in the real world. As the internet continued to develop and change, it created a new place for businesses to thrive. It stopped merely connecting humans and became a place where large amounts of money circulates. Perhaps this was an unavoidable transition in this new global system. However, in this day where the arrival of the Web 2.0 is widely celebrated, we are committed to re-establishing it as a place for human connectivity. To us, the web is not a technological innovation, nor a business opportunity – it needs to return to its roots as a human-based virtual society, what we like call a web renaissance.

4 -- To provide internet service through interactive products.

Niconico provides a service with personality. Our ultimate goal is not to provide great usability, but rather to maintain a single product in which we can interact with our users. We are also not interested in developing a project that everybody will embrace. We mean to put a personal touch of individuality in our service, and hopefully give our users new experiences. The virtual world already has all the necessary infrastructure such as electricity, water, and highways. What it will need from here on out will be internet culture entertainment. Niconico does not aim to offer a service for the benefit of human existence and our products may not be essential to human life. However, we believe our service will help humans live an authentic life even in the virtual world.

5 -- To pursue new internet copyrights

We strongly disagree with services or business models that, as a matter of principle, consider that the internet should be free or very cheap, or that take content from other media as they are or in a deteriorated form. What we want to make is a service that provides new ways for users and creators to spread and enjoy content. To ensure this world of content spreads, we believe it is fundamentally vital for creators to receive what they deserve for their work.
Furthermore, our mission is not to simply be an extension of content already on the net, but to create a new type of content. We understand that simply projecting real world content into the virtual world will not affect the spread of media. We aim to make content that users in the virtual world want, work that can create new copyrights.

6 -- To maintain an environment where content can be freely expressed

We believe that it is a fundamental right of all users to be able to comment on items on the internet. To allow our users to freely comment, the most important thing for niconico to do is build content. However, some users may use their right to comment freely to harass another member in an attempt to deprive them of their right to comment.
Commenting as you please is an issue of freedom of speech; however we do not honor the freedom to post comments simply for the purpose of denying or obstructing another's freedom of speech. We want to maintain a platform of free expression where there is no criticism for reasons other than the content itself.

7 -– To connect the virtual world with the real world

Now that it's the 21st century, civil unrest will likely erupt more so within the virtual world instead of in the real world. Most people in the real world don't know what's happening in the virtual world or they only have a negative impression due to reports of flame wars they sometimes hear in the news. This is a unique characteristic of the free and neutral internet – occasionally those with few numbers but vast influence are able to spread misconceptions.
In order to prevent unpleasant misunderstandings between the real and virtual world, we are devoted to taking what is happening in the virtual world, what people are hoping for and how many want it, and conveying this information to those in the real world. As a result, we hope to see both the real and virtual worlds develop a harmonious relationship as they grow together.

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